Nancy Gaines,  Business Productivity Expert

A former management consultant for IBM, Ernst & Young, and Capgemini, Nancy Gaines spent two decades helping clients be even more productive. She structures time, projects, and resources in strategic ways to provide optimal business clarity and success. She is fiercely committed to guiding focus-driven leaders to achieve ease in running their companies so they have superior productivity, profits, and employee engagement.

If you are looking for a proven professional who can provide the training and executive coaching needed to grow your profits and eliminate the overwhelm, let Nancy show you and your team how to run your day instead of it running you.

After 20 years of consulting to Fortune 100 companies, her mission is to show organizations how to achieve maximum success using fast, productive, and consistent solutions. Nancy’s path to become a productivity consultant became clear during her corporate job. She watched associates at all levels of an organization miss family events by working later and longer to get their work done. It doesn’t have to be that way. Nancy clears the path by removing all of the things slowing you down, so all that’s left is pure speed to results.

Tricia TurpenoffBrand Strategist

Nancy Gaines will surprise you will her incredible energy and business experience! She is so very giving. We met for just an hour and amazing ideas just poured out of her non-stop - actionable ideas I can use in my business right now. If she provides this much value in one hour, I can only imagine what a whole day is like with her. She knows business and can accelerate your business fast. If you want rapid growth in your company, you must work with her!

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite Nancy to serve and support your success. What excites her is knowing that she can help you accelerate your vision by implementing fast solutions. This means you gain back time, generate money, and focus you efforts on the right path. She’s all about making everything simple and achievable.

What sets Nancy apart from other coaches and consultants is her range of experience coupled with her clients’ results. She blends her own entrepreneur and corporate success to bring the most extensive business knowledge to her clients. Her entry level solution is a do-it-yourself program coupled with group coaching specifically designed for newer business owners. Her elite executive coaching is ddesigned for private and corporate clients who are ready to make a quantum leap in their business results and performance.

You can feel confident engaging Nancy to guide you and your organization to measurable results. Over the years, her expertise has been honored with remarkable and notable accolades, including the PMP designation, the Creative Women in Iconic Living Award from the Women Economic Forum, bestselling author, and global podcast host with downloads in 50 countries. As an international speaker, she has delighted audiences of every size with high energy talks and actionable information. Nancy’s perspectives have been featured on Executive Talk TV, Trulia, LearnVest, All You Magazine, CafeMom, Springleaf, and various radio and podcast shows.

Krystal CovingtonTalk Show Host

Nancy recently presented the topic "How to Get Media Publicity" to our Women of Denver networking group. Nancy's presentation was well organized and engaging. The tips she shared were relevant and wildly important. I would recommend Nancy as a speaker to any group who wants tangible, actionable knowledge in an interactive environment.

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1. Advised over 20 Fortune 100 companies on improving business productivity

2. Quoted by Trulia, LearnVest, Springleaf, CafeMom, and more

3. Authored three books including a #1 best seller

4. Interviewed on Executive Talk TV as a Business Productivity Expert

5. Developed proven programs for systemizing small business operations

6. Shared the stage with DC Cordova, David Fagan, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Erik Swanson, and more

7. Spoke to audiences locally, nationally, and globally

8. Hosted an international podcast downloaded in over 50 countries

9. Published in All You Magazine

10 Facts about Nancy that Will Surprise and Delight You

1) Growing up without a lot of discretionary income, I only remember two family vacations and both were road trips from Chicago. The first was to Wisconsin where I accidentally caught my thumb on the fish hook when the worm squirmed and I discovered that fishing was not my core talent. The second was to St. Louis where I dropped one of my shoes from the Six Flags chair lift ride while traveling from one side of the park to the other. Neither incident went over well with my parents. Maybe that’s why we stopped taking family vacations??

2) My Mom required me to go to an out of state college so I could learn to live on my own and not come home every weekend. As soon as she dropped me off at my freshman dorm, she got right back in the car and started driving home. As she pulled away, I shouted, "What do I do next?" She yelled back, "You're a big girl, you’ll figure it out." Her advice that day served me well throughout life when I encounter new situations without answers.  (I can't recall, but I'm sure I cried like a baby when I was back in my dorm room all alone.)

3) My undergraduate degree is in hotel management and recreation. I wanted to be a cruise director like Julie McCoy on the Love Boat television show. Turns out lots of the football players enrolled in the recreation courses since they were easy to pass, so that was a nice bonus. I partially hit my career goal, but the hotels I managed were on land, not floating in beautiful ocean waters.

4) I held my first Board of Directors role at 19. I was the President of the Board at the YMCA in Ames, Iowa and also ran the Big Brothers Big Sister Program at the University. I only earned $3.05/hour which was a far stretch from board positions today that pay $500K and up. At least it spiced up my resume!  I learned early to say 'yes' to big opportunities, even when I was scared.

5) I lacked strong interviewing skills in college, so I didn’t have any job offers from the undergraduate placement office. Fortunately, Hyatt hotels came to campus just before graduation and invited me to interview at their hotel in Minneapolis. I was so excited to attend that I totally bombed the interview! When I didn’t get selected, I wrote a persuasive letter to the General Manager asking him to reconsider his decision. Somehow it worked and that’s when I realized the power of persistence. I got the job, bought my first car, packed it up, and happily started the 12 hour drive from Chicago to Minneapolis on my own. (I’m a big fan of saying yes first and figuring it out later, but I have to confess that I experienced a ‘$h#t this is really happening’ moment 60 minutes into the trip that really messed with my head.)

6) Personality reports describe me as someone who sets big goals, pursues excellence across the board, results-oriented, seeks ways to improve, and in a chaotic world keeps a sharp focus on objectives. The report continues that I direct individuals and groups with confidence and success, express opinions and make complex decisions with unwavering conviction, confront potential problems or obstacles immediately and decisively, and leads naturally. It’s scary that a report can be so accurate! If you are looking for someone that dances around the truth to keep the peace, the report confirms that's not me. (My assessment was completed at How To - totally worth the small investment to learn how the world sees you.)

7) I moved to Colorado because I love to be outside and moving. To date, I summited seven 14ers (mountains that exceed 14,000 feet in elevation.) I swear that every Colorado resident first gets his driver’s license at the DMV and then gets his membership card at the REI! I’m sure I spent well over $2,000 in camping and ski gear my first month here stocking up on the 'necessities'.

8) As a consulting employee for IBM and Ernst & Young, I advised over 25 major corporations, flew over 2 million miles, spent over 2,000 nights in hotels, worked in 12 states and 4 countries, and met hundreds of incredible people. That’s a ton of travel – maybe I was overcompensating for the lack of vacations as a kid?

9) I love attending outdoor concerts and buying the closest seats possible. I never cared about good seats until I won 6th row tickets in 2000 to see Tim McGraw and the Dixie Chicks at the outdoor Riverport Amphitheatre in St. Louis. That night raised the seating bar for all future concerts. It also raised my confidence since I actually had to ask a guy out on a date to join me. I was so nervous and practiced what to say for hours before I finally called him. He said yes, but I now have a new appreciation for the guys that invited me out on dates when I was single!

10) The number one item on my business bucket list is to serve thousands of business owners in my lifetime through speaking and consulting.  I am committed to increasing the number of businesses that survive, lowering the failed business statistics, and helping business owners gain back valuable time to focus on what's important in their lives. My dream is to share the stage with major speakers who have already changed millions of lives with their messages.   I want to inspire people just like they do!  My other dream ... have The Rock and/or Shaq on my podcast!

“Time will pass but impression will last” is the phrase that comes to my mind when I think about Nancy Gaines as one of the most talented individuals that I have worked with. I was particularly impressed with her ability to explain complex consulting terminologies and strategies in an easy way for everyone to comprehend. This skill set demonstrated her years of experiences as a professional. Above all, she knows how to motivate people and get everyone on board so that we would move forward as a team. Nancy has earned my heartfelt recommendation and I am confident that she would be a great asset to any company.

Huu Nguyen Financial Analyst

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